What about this

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

I’ve decided to start my second personal blog, I had one long time ago, which I was writing in Spanish, one of my mother tongues, and then I stopped to write when I had a twist in my live, deciding to move to London and swapped in my professional life from IT management and system administration to Software Development again.

When I decided to move to London, I discovered there were, and nowadays are, quite big amount of challenging jobs in software development between, the vast majority in the past, of bull**it positions that all is about to copy and paste, change some parameters, change values in configuration files, and so on; obviously the majority of these challenging and more ambitious jobs are in start-ups, where the company culture is more about hanger to learn, to improve, to share your knowledge with your colleagues, move in the same direction and make a dent in the word, then they aren’t about wearing fu**ing suit and shaking hands.

I’ve always been very interested in Software Architectures & Development, since I discovered this world; however due the time I had to consume for surviving purpose I couldn’t get a lot of out, nonetheless since I’ve started to spend not just my spare time developing Software in an Engineering way, I’ve been more motivated to spend the most of my spare time in this matter, to get more and more knowledge, provide something for the Great Open Source Community, work in some side projects and attending to meetups and tech events.

The rest of my spare time is about, without any specific order, attending start-up culture and community events, do some sport and catch up with small number of friends and close people, sorry but I’m not a big fun of “Facebook Friends” which doesn’t mean the physical distance between each other.

Although you may have already figured out what I’ll write in this blog let me mention it to be clear for everybody, it’s going to be, in a opinionated way but as objective as possible, about, Software Development and related topics as “systems” and programming languages, Tech Community and Start-ups, and a bit less of personal theories and thoughts related with my life.

I’ll provide, as much as I could, examples, snippets or any other supports to make more accurate and easy to understand and I will try not to write long posts, if they are long, then I will split in several ones.

However they are my current thoughts but life is about changes and as any agile methodology, being flexible to adapt to the current changes that surround you, is better than being rigid with your previous decisions which made sense in some point, but they don’t have to make sense forever.

I hope that some of you, read in some moment a post or a part of it and maybe you do more than one time and hopefully you’ll also participate writing some comments, then I’ll get to be more motivated to keep going more frequently with it.

Thanks for reading it.