My Last 2is Years Have Ended Up Today

Posted on Dec 21, 2015

This is short post to announce the end of my last 2 years something professional path.

Company had to make the hard decision to make redundant myself and a few colleagues to reduce the workforce at the minimum to keep the company running and have, at least, a bit of chances to be able to show how the image discovery technology offered can help to increase the conversions of online businesses.

It has been awesome 2 year and a few months which I’ve worked with an amazing team, composed by several engineers whose I’ve been able to learn a lot about best software and system engineering practices, scalability, infrastructure, team collaboration, etc. We’ve also faced hard problems which we’ve solved and other which are still there. This tech experience and culture has been awesome and I am also glad to have taken a lot of advantage to enrich it more through all the spare time that I’ve invested on top following the things learnt like rails

Unfortunately startups are hard and in this case the business decisions haven’t been able to keep going further than the investments received, but I don’t know about business at all, so I don’t judge them.

I hope the best for their last run and in my case I will be drawing my near future during the next days.

Stay tuned.