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Behind the scene of a Gumtree Spoofed email
A real story about what there is behind the scene of a Gumtree spoofed email
Basic Hints to Identify a Gumtree Spoofed email
Some basic hints for the general public to detect spoofed emails through my real story of a received Gumtree spoofed email
3 Little Things in NodeJS which Help When You Have to Refactor
Software development involves refactoring in it own nature, applying some small things can help you to have an easy and painless refactoring process
Performance Execution on JS Objects Created in Different Ways
In JS (javascript) there are different approaches to create objects and each one performs different when the object properties values are read and write
GitEvents a New Community Open Source Project
GitEvents is a new community Open Source organisation by @NodeBCN and @LNUG which started in a hackday to manage events through GitHub interface and API
What about this
What is about Ivan Fraixedes' blog. I write about Software Development, Tech Community and Start-ups and a bit of personal theories and thoughts